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Baby Bud (Vegan)

  • Baby Bud (Vegan)
  • Baby Bud (Vegan)
  • Baby Bud (Vegan)
  • Baby Bud (Vegan)
  • Baby Bud (Vegan)

This Baby doll is the perfect gift for a Vegan family as she is made from 100% natural plant based materials!

I wanted to ensure that my vegan doll was as natural as my wool dolls and I've searched high and low for the perfect non-flammable alternative plant based fibre and finally found a very special fibre made from Soya Bean fibre!

Drawing on the original design of my Baby Nod, Baby Bud has all the same qualities. He is made from pure natural materials and the same soft cotton velour fabric.

Open his arms to reveal his cotton soft blanket body find his knotted ‘hands’ tied into place. His sleeping expression is thought by experts to be more calming for bedtime.

His insides are 100% soya bean fibre. It has a fascinating history, first being invented by chemists working for Henry Ford in 1937, then it was forgotten due to WW2 and then the invention of cheaper man-made fibres. Thankfully the fibre was re-invented in 1998. It is a by-product from the production of tofu and soya milk as it is the undigestable fibres that aren't used!

Baby Bud laid flat is around 12-14cm tall and 18-20 cm from hand to hand. The perfect size for a newborn to 1 year old baby.

Choose your body colour from the drop menu when ordering. Your doll will have peach skin tone as standard - add a comment at checkout if you would like an alternative.

For extra piece of mind this doll is CE marked and safe from birth.

Lead time

Please allow me 2-3 weeks to make your dolly.

Postage is £3.20 (second class Royal Mail) for most dolls. Postage for the leaf babies, teddies, baby doll outfits and gift vouchers is just £1.50.

For international orders please contact me.